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  • Radar Roy - "it is the cheapest device out there retailing for around $100"
  • Navigadget - "if this device saves you from just one ticket its pretty much paid for itself!"
  • TechTalk - TechTalk podcast "Gadget Of The Week" (38:30)
  • PhysOrg - "completely road legal and easy to use"
  • engadget - "if you're looking to keep things as simple as possible... consider GPS Angel"
  • ubergizmo - "best of all is... updates will be free... no pesky monthly or annual subscription fees"
  • Slash Gear - "GPS Angel Is Perfect For Drivers"
  • Man Couch - "GPS Angel Saves You From Red Light Cameras"
  • The Expired Meter - "GPS Angel Helps Drivers Avoid Red Light Camera Tickets"
  • San Jose Mercury News - "Red Light Camera Detector Is A Nifty Little Gizmo"


  • "There are a ton of these cameras in the city and I run a delivery service. I purchased 10 of these for my drivers and they work perfectly. Adding new cameras is simple and free. Totally worth it!"
    Ron J - New York City, NY
  • "This has already saved me 10 times the cost of the device! It's a must-have for any driver. If you hate the cameras in AZ as much as I do you want this!"
    Tom W - Mesa, AZ
  • "My husband purchased the GPS Angel after I received my second ticket. It works perfectly in Chicago and I've been able to keep it up to date with all the new cameras our city keeps adding. Highly recommended!"
    Tina M - Chicago, IL
  • "I recently received an expensive $350 ticket for crossing an intersection on a late yellow and boy was I upset. I searched on the Internet and saw an ad for the GPS Angel. Works exactly as advertised! Get it!"
    Greg M - Washington DC
  • "It's so easy to use. I just plugged it into my cigarette lighter and it worked within seconds. We have a bunch of these red light cameras on the streets near me and this worked as claimed right out of the box."
    Mary T - Rockville, MD
  • "I already have a radar detector and love it and simply needed something to detect these cameras... I found my angel... it works perfectly and was extremely affordable!"
    Erin K - Dallas, TX
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GPS Angel Resellers

Do you currently sell radar detectors or GPS navigation systems?

There are over 5,000 red light cameras & speed cameras in the United States today and estimates are this will be over 35,000 in the next few years. GPS Angel is the most affordable and effective warning system for these cameras and a hot new car accessory! If you'd like to join our reseller program, please contact us.

Download free updates to the camera locations database using the GPS Angel Manager software.

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows® XP, Vista or 7 (does not work on the Mac)
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • 10 MB of hard disk space
  • Internet connection

  1. Download and install the GPS Angel Manager setup software
    Some web browsers will prompt you to Run the download right away, others will offer to Save it to your hard drive. If you choose to save it to your hard drive, you should then double-click on the GAM362SETUPEN.exe file to run the installer.
  2. When installation is complete, double-click the GPS Angel Manager software application icon and follow the instructions.

Do not connect your GPS Angel to the PC until you are instructed to.

Important information:

Federal Laws Governing the Use of Radar Detectors

It is not against federal law to receive radar transmissions with your GPS Angel detector. The Communications Act of 1924 guarantees your right to receive radio transmissions on any frequency. Local laws that contravene this Act, while illegal, may be enforced by your local law enforcement officials until and unless they are prohibited from doing so by federal court action.

Safety and Legal Notice:

Use of this product is not intended to, and does not, ensure that motorists or passengers will not be involved in traffic accidents. It is only intended to alert the motorist that a possible red light or speed camera location is in the vicinity and is within range as defined by the product specifications. The GPS Angel unit database can not be 100% accurate at all time due to local county's and authorities changing and adding locations, while we endeavor to have the most possible locations at all time GPS Angel can not be liable if the unit does not report a camera location while driving.

Driving Safety

All Motorists are expected to exercise all due caution while using this product, and to obey all applicable traffic laws.

Security of Your Vehicle

Before leaving your vehicle, always remember to conceal your GPS Angel unit in order to reduce the possibility of break-in and theft.

Questions can be emailed to


Modifications or parts substitutions not approved for use by the manufacturers of GPS Angel may violate FCC Rules and void your authority to operate this equipment.